Bio-Identical Hormones

At Kare Pharmacy, our staff is meeting the needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women and men (andropause) by use of bio-identical hormones. These hormones are appealing to patients because they help to mend a hormonal imbalance with hormones that are identical to those produced in the human body.
Our compounding pharmacist Prakash Suthar can work together with the patient and his/her healthcare provider to test for hormone imbalances and then to tailor a unique bio-identical hormone regimen. All women are not the same; therefore, the pharmacist can add value by preparing the medication to "fit" the patient with the appropriate strength and dosage form. For male patients, supplementation of the basic hormone testosterone has shown to be beneficial for most men experiencing andropause.
Hormones can be placed in a variety of dosage forms including: capsules, topical creams, suppositories, troches, lozenges, and more. As the patient works with his/her provider and our pharmacist, he/she can choose the dosage route and strength that is most beneficial and effective.

To learn more or to set up a hormone therapy consultation with our pharmacist or for a referral to a local healthcare provider specializing in BHRT, please call or email our pharmacy.